I searched the faces of the gods... - Gladiator (2000)

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  • ARRI Studio T24 24/20Kw
  • ARRI Studio T12 /12.000W (dimmer required)
  • ARRI True Blue 5000W
  • ARRI True Blue 2000W
  • ARRI True Blue 1000W
  • ARRI Junior 650W
  • ARRI Junior 300W
  • ARRI Junior 150W
  • Set LTM 20Kw + dimmer
  • Vega 10.000W
  • Pollux 5000W
  • Castor 2000W
  • Polaris 1000/650W
  • Mizar 500/300W
  • LTM 650W
  • LTM 350/500W
  • LTM 300W
  • LTM 200W
  • DS 5000W
  • DS 2000W Leonardo
  • DS 1000W Leonardo
  • DS 650W Magis
  • Bambino 500W Strand
  • Strand 2000W P.O.
  • Strand 1000W P.O.

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