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  • Avenger Long John Silver
  • Avenger Baby Long John Silver
  • Avenger Easy Lift 5 sections
  • Avenger Easy lift 4 sections
  • Avenger Easy lift 3 sections
  • Avenger Strato Safe 3 Sections Light
  • Avenger Strato safe stand short base 28mm
  • Avenger Super Wind-up inox
  • Avenger Super Wind-up alu
  • Avenger Wind-up
  • Avenger Wind-up short
  • Avenger Samson
  • AvengerHi-Hi Walker
  • Avenger Hi-Hi Roller
  • Avenger Junior Roller
  • Avenger Medium Roller
  • Avenger Follow spot
  • Avenger A100C
  • Avenger A100C Black
  • Avenger 126U
  • Avenger A500 High Junior with low base (28mm)
  • Avenger Baby combo
  • Avenger Baby combo alu
  • Avenger Junior stand extension 28 mm
  • Avenger Mighty baby steel 16mm (52-120 cm)

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